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Wuxi Taiyi New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd 无锡太一新能光电科技有限公司

Taoistic Solar Technology(Changzhou)Co.,Ltd is headquartered in Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is a professional manufacturer in integrating battery production, glass manufacturing, photovoltaic module packaging, photovoltaic system integration and service. Our company has a construction area of about 200,000 square meters and has registered the capital of 600 million yuan.Wuxi Taiyi New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2023, located in Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which was invested by Taoistic Solar (Changzhou). Taoistic Solar is based on the refined, international and great development. Therefore, it is fully committed to the research, production and sales of solar photovoltaic technology and products .

With the rapid growth of electrical equipment all around the world, people's demands for electricity are also rising. However, the decline in the use of coal, oil, natural gas and other energy resources has made the need for renewable energy resources such as solar and wind more urgent. According to the research report of international research institutions, the future energy and power structure of the world are a large proportion of renewable energy, or even 100% renewable energy structure. In this situation, the proportion of solar energy is high. As an excellent solar photovoltaic enterprise, high quality and good service are our  core strengths. So Taoistic Solar has the inherent advantages of exploring in the international market.

Taoistic Solar's products include standard components, off-grid components, double glass components and single glass components. The annual output of modules has reached 10GW, and the annual capacity of batteries is 5GW. With the rapid development of global business, the sales network of our company has covered many countries and regions in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and so on. We are recognized and praised by customers. At the same time, we are tested and recognized by a number of authoritative institutions. Taoistic Solar always firmly believes : as long as we adhere to the oriented market, innovation as the driving force, quality for survival, adhere to meeting the needs of customers for goals, we will create a better future.

Our Certificate

Taoistic Solar has passed many certifications such as IEC certification in Europe, CEC, KS, MCS, TIS and CQC in China.


  • 2017/03
    Wuxi Taoistic Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2019/03
    Changzhou Yunhui Solar TechnologyCo., Ltd.
  • 2020/01
    Honor Solar Technology(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.
  • 2020/10
    Taoistic Solar Technology(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.
  • 2021/02
    Wuxi Taoistic Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2021/03
    Changzhou Production Base (Jintan) (first phase) was put into production.
  • 2021/10
    Taoistic Solar Technology(Xuzhou)Co.,Ltd.
  • 2021/11
    Taoistic Solar Technology(Xishui)Co.,Ltd.
  • 2022/05
    Xuzhou Taoistic Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2022/06
    Changzhou Production Base(Jintan)(second phase) was put into production.
  • 2023/03
    Wuxi Taiyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.